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4.0 ( 480 ratings )
Erhverv Produktivitet
Forfatter: ExpertIG, Inc.

This is a full featured, truck-based Proof of Delivery application designed for the iPad or iPhone. Starting with the delivery determination at the point of origin, the app manages each step of the process through to completed or uncompleted delivery at the destination. Specific functionality includes:

• Inclusion of delivery information into the app by means of barcode scanning or uploading
• Full delivery information visibility with real time delivery summary, status, customer and line item information
• Route planning with integration to device navigation
• Geo-fencing to support recording of route events and analytics
• Proof of Delivery
• Proof of Condition and biometric signature at delivery header and line item level
• Real time integration with SAP Proof of Delivery transactions including offline caching for subsequent updating

Optional integration into ExpertIGs other ground breaking enterprise apps including:

• myOrders: to allow customer full life cycle visibility into order status and inquiry
• myCustomer: sales team visibility into their customer order details and status providing for territory and sales team mapping